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This room is the master bambu bedroom with kingsize bed. Design of natural bambu furniture brings you in a world of peace of mind.

Element WATER


This little cosy room feels like a cocoon and has two single beds. Close your eyes and feel the nature that overcomes you . The animal design of art will keep an eye on you ;) Be aware and embrace these roots of wild Africa.

Element EARTH


Welcome to this Imperial suite…  Sleeping in a bed, decorated in ancient Gold design. You wake up in the morning with a beautiful sunrise behind you. Your bodies are ready to shine all day long. This Temple will guide you to Egypt, ancient Babylon and other magical places.

Element FIRE


Bonjour! Feel the romantic sensation of this room ‘La vie en Rose’. This mystical art will nourish your soul and open your heart.

Element LOVE


Feel Free in this Hippi Bohemian casita.

All the spiritual cultures comes together and takes you into other dimensions of Ibiza. Enjoy this feeling…. Namaste.

Element AIR

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